Plum Bright Years Under-Eye Recovery Gel

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Best suited for: All Skin Types | Mature Skin

· An under-eye night gel specially designed to heal the sensitive skin around your eyes

· Gentle and clinically proven to reduce dark circles with continued use

· Plant argan oil, plant betain and olive oil derivatives provides optimal hydration to your gentle under-eye skin

·100% vegan – good for the planet, and the best under-eye cream for you

· Don’t throw me away! I can be recycled


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Eye know you want it!

As the years go by, our skin loses its ability to stay firm, and issues like dark circles and fine lines crop up. With this under-eye gel full of hawkweed and daisy extracts, plant stem cells, and licorice extracts, you’ll feel ready for the bright years that are to come!

Reasons to ♥

  • Easy-absorb under-eye gel for optimal nutrient delivery

  • All-natural hawkweed and daisy extracts that reduce the appearance of dark circles with prolonged usage

  • Licorice extracts aid in fighting discoloration

  • Organic aloe juices soothe and calm the sensitive skin

  • 100% vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free, as always



·        Reduces dark circles


How to use

Gently wash face and pat dry with soft towel. If using toner, use toner first and let it air dry. Pump out a little quantity of eye gel on your ring finger or little finger (press the pump top 8-10 times to get the air out for first use). Now apply little dots of eye gel around eyes and gently massage in the gel. Allow 15 minutes to absorb before stepping out, or going to sleep. Follow with your regular moisturizer. Can be used twice a day.


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