Plum E-Luminence The Bright Mix Face Serum

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Best suited for: Normal | Dry | Very Dry | Sensitive Skin

Not recommended for: Oily | Acne-prone Skin

· Quick-absorbing face serum with vitamin E that`s perfect for dry, normal, very dry and sensitive skin

· Enriched with 13 natural ingredients, including Vitamin E, that provide intense hydration

· Non-stick formula that feels very light on the skin

· 100% vegan – good for the planet, and the best vitamin E serum for you

· Don't throw me away! I'm recyclable



Feeling bright is just right

The "bright" recipe to take away dullness and dryness from your skin. This "gone in a flash" absorbing face serum for oily skin contains carefully selected natural extracts that work within the skin through multiple mechanisms, helping it regain its natural glow! Vitamin E moisturizes and helps the skin fight oxidation. Vitamin C helps achieve an even skin tone. Smartly extracted sesame protein helps firm up skin, making it look plumper. Licorice and white willow bark attack pigmentation and exfoliate gently, respectively. Trust us, This multi-dimensional approach to glowing skin is the right idea!


Reasons to ♥ 

  • Instantly absorbing, non-stick facial serum

  • Vitamin E moisturizes and protects as an antioxidant

  • Plant-derived betaine provides intense hydration

  • Sesame protein helps firm up the skin

  • 100% vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free, as always




·         Brightens skin

·         Moisturizes skin

·         Nourishes skin

How to use

Start with slightly moist skin, right after cleansing & toning. Apply tiny dots all over your face - a little goes a long way. With short, quick strokes, apply the serum with your fingertips. While your face is still wet with the serum, tap lightly with fingertips to allow the serum to sink in better. Wait 3 minutes or more for your skin to absorb the goodness. Always follow with a moisturizer. Use twice a day for best results

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