Plum BodyLovin’ Oopsie Daisy Shower Gel

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Best suited for: All skin types

Plum BodyLovin'

Fat. Slim. Tall. Short. Dark. Fair. Labels! They don't matter. You do. Love that body. Every inch. Get BodyLovin' Presenting, all-new bath & body plums to get you feelin' all sorts of happy! Plum BodyLovin' urges women to unabashedly love & celebrate their unique bodies and have fun while they're at it! Summary? Love. Every. Inch. :)

Oopsie Daisy Shower Gel

·  Sulfate-free, soap-free, super-cleanser!

·  Non-drying, gentle cleansing formula

·  Floral will have a whole new meaning, in just one whiff!



Daisy does it

Imagine this: It's spring season & daisies are swingin' happily in the fields. Now stop imagining. It's shower time & YOU'RE that daisy! Get freshness to the power of flower with this sulfate-free bottle of goodness!

Get ready to fall in love:

  • The sulfate-free & soap-free formula cleanses gently but effectively

  • An off-beat floral fragrance that’ll keep you feelin’ garden-fresh all day!

  • Leaves skin feeling nourished, moisturised & adored!

  • Olive oil moisturizes while the daisy extract helps fight skin pigmentation

  • Cute locking clip makes the bottle leak-proof & travel-friendly

  • Free of nasties: sulphates, parabens, phthalates, silicones & animal-derived ingredients

  • Cruelty-free & judgement-free… always!




·         Cleanses skin

·         Energizes skin

·         Refreshes skin


How to use

Lather up under a hot or cold shower. Unleash an energizing fragrant explosion that will keep you coming back for more. Use a loofah for added benefits!

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All skin types