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Plum BodyLovin' Coffee Wake-a-ccino Hand Cream - 50

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Plum BodyLovin’ Coffee Wake-a-ccino Hand Cream

  • Dry hands gettin’ out of “hand”? Get ready to give ‘em a “latte” love!
  • It’s wakey-wakey time for oh-so-smooth hands!
  • Infused with goodies like shea butter, Brazil nut oil, sunflower oil, and coffee arabica seed oil
  • Super moisturizing & lightweight hand cream that melts into your hands
  • Rich aroma of coffee to get your hands feelin’ fa-brew-lous — you must get your “hands” on this! :)



Brew-tiful hands!

Love your hands a latte with this soulful fusion of coffee arabica seed oil, shea butter & sunflower oil.

Get ready to fall in love:

  • An ultra-moisturizing cream that glides onto your hands like a dream! 
  • The non-greasy, lightweight creamy texture leaves your skin nourished, smooth & supple!
  • One whiff and you’d imagine yourself in a cozy café, sippin’ on a good, strong cuppa! :)
  • Contains oodles of rich shea butter, Brazil nut oil & sunflower oil for intense moisturization.
  • Coffee arabica seed oil with the goodness of caffeine soothes your skin and makes it firmer.
  • Absorbs into skin quickly, leaving your hands and cuticles silky soft!
  • Coffee-cially the “handiest” cream, perf for slidin’ into your bag! ;)
  • A rush of rich, aromatic coffee to keep your skin fresh and energized! 
  • Free of nasties: sulphates, parabens, phthalates, silicones & animal-derived ingredients.
  • 100% vegan, cruelty-free & judgement-free… always!
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