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Plum Ginseng Fall Rescue Scalp Serum- 110ml

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  • Apower-packed scalp serum to strengthen roots
  • Contains Baicapil (3%), a combination of scutellaria baicalensis, soy, and wheat sprouts, proven to stimulate hair growth
  • Packed with ginseng extracts, gotu kola and hibiscus extracts that are known to promote hair growth and reduce hair fall
  • Contains watercress, bhringraj and rose extracts to revitalise and soothe your scalp
  • 100% vegan – good for the planet and for you
  • Don't throw me away! I'm recyclable!



Root cause of all hair problems are our roots. This scalp serum gets to the root of all problems and makes hair healthy and alive from within. With the powerful blend of baicapil (3%), ginseng, gotu kola hibiscus, bhringraj and rose water extracts the scalp serum penetrates deep inside to promote new hair growth and prevent further damage or hair fall. The scalp serum comes with an in-built applicator that helps in easy application. 

Ginseng extracts: Is an antioxidant that strengthens the roots and hair follicles to promote hair growth

Baicapil (3%): A combination of 3 botanical active ingredients (scutellaria baicalensis, soy, and wheat sprouts), visibly reduces hair loss & stimulates hair growth

Hibiscus extracts: Deep conditions and helps in hair thickening

Bhringraj extracts: Activate hair follicles and improve hair density

Rose extracts: Calm and soothe scalp irritation

Reasons to ♥

Real hair. Honest solutions. Plum haircare is 7-FREE always!

  • NO Sulphates - so the cleansing is gentle
  • NO Silicones - to allow hair to breathe & shine at its natural best
  • NO Alcohol - so there is no drying
  • NO Parabens - we all know why! Carcinogens are a no-no!
  • NO Phthalates - potential reproductive toxins
  • NO Zinc - prolonged use of ZPT can irritate the scalp
  • NO Propylene glycol - can be harsh to the skin over the long term

This serum

  • Strengthens hair roots
  • Soothes irritated scalp
  • Promotes new hair growth


Boosts hair growth

Deeply nourishes

Strengthens hair 

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Anti- hair fall
Breakage Control