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Plum Candy Melts Vegan Lip Balm - Berry Feast

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·  I am a hydralicious fruit lip balm that will effectively nourish your lovely lips

·  I contain cocoa butter and shea butter that will quickly plump your dry lips

·  I smell refreshingly fruity that will leave you feeling berry good, but I’m (unfortunately) not edible

·  I am 100% vegan – good for the planet, and for your lips

·  My consumer panel reported:
- 68% increase in lip nourishment*
- 100% users reported moisturized lips for 2-3 hours*
- 75% users reported nourished & plump lips*
- 72% noticed their chapped lips were healed**
* Self assessment study on 32 users
**Self assessment study on 22 people with chapped lips

·  Hey, don’t throw me away - I’m recyclable!



It’s berry berry good!

This refreshingly fruity lip balm will take you on a trip through your ideal summer, all while nourishing your dry lips and protecting them from UV damage. With nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, carrot seed oil and olive oil, your lips will be treated to the fruity freshness they deserve! It's the best lip balm for daily use.
Lipstick dryness? We don’t know it!

Reasons to ♥

  • Nourishing carrot seed oil to repair sun-damaged and chapped lips

  • Rich cocoa butter and shea butter will instantly moisturize and plump up your lips

  • Contains plant-based oils such as olive oil that leaves your lips feeling soft and supple

  • Full of natural, plant-based flavours that makes this a yummy little jar of goodness for your lips

  • 100% vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free, as always



Contains delightful natural tints

Natural UV protection

Provides lasting hydration

Smells delicious


How to use:

Scoop up the required amount of this deliciously lip treat and apply it evenly onto your lips. Can easily be used over or under your lipstick to avoid drying!

Goodness Inside:

Carrot Seed Oil

Not just a source of vitamin A(mazing), carrot seed oil is also an antioxidant rich plant-based oil that that provides natural protection against damaging UV rays! All in all, it’s just the kind of goodness you deserve.

Cocoa Butter

Mmmm, sounds decadent, doesn’t it? It’s also highly nourishing and provides intense moisturization that leaves your lips looking plump. Look over, everyone, we’ve got an all-rounder in the house!

Plant-Based Flavours

Not much to say here, except that these all-natural flavours make your lip balm absolutely lip-smackingly delicious! We won’t judge if you have to resist from sneaking a taste.


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