Happy Sun-Days with Hello Aloe

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Best suited for: Normal | Sensitive Skin

Not recommended for: Very Oily Skin

·  Gel: I am a soothing multipurpose aloe vera gel with 94% natural aloe extracts – perfect for your skin and hair!

·  Sunscreen: I am an ultra-light sunscreen lotion that’s non-greasy

·  Face Wash: I am a gentle, soap-free, SLS free face wash that leaves skin fresh & hydrated. I am filled with the goodness of real aloe juice to keep your sensitive skin fresh & clean!

·  Sling Bag: I am an elegant, roomy but easy-going canvas bag made up of sturdy and durable printed canvas that will carry all your essentials.

·  Aloe-vit when you recycle so let's do this together!



Aloe there!

Get your sunny day fixes right here now with this calming combo of our Hello Aloe products. Trust us, your skin and hair will thank you later.

  • Hello Aloe Just Gel (250 gm): The ultimate multi-tasker A multitasking hero that can work wonders for both your skin and hair – your search has finally come to an end! Say hello to our newest soothing aloe gel that can be used for pretty much all your skin and hair needs. From a mask to a pre-moisturizer hydrator for your skin, and from a conditioner to a setting gel for your hair - this gel can really do it all!

  • Hello Aloe Ultra Lite Day Lotion SPF 20 (50 ml): Go forth and allow yourself to enjoy the sun without worrying about your sensitive skin with this light yet effective SPF, perfect for everyday use. It also gives a brighter, fresher look and protects your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

  • Hello Aloe Skin Loving Face Wash (75 ml):  Crafted specially for your sensitive skin with the goodness of soothing aloe juice, refreshing natural fragrance, love, and care – this soap-free and SLS-free face wash will wake you up and cleanse your face without drying it. 



·         Gentle cleansing

·         Nourishes hair

·         Soothes skin

·         Spf20 uv 


How to use:

Gel: Apply evenly on body after sun exposure for a cooling after-effect. If you’re using it before stepping out, remember that it does not have SPF so apply a body SPF over it when stepping out!

Sunscreen: Apply evenly on face and neck after washing every morning. Remember that no SPF can give you all day protection - so if you are stepping out again in the afternoon, remember to re-apply!

Face Wash: Take a smaller than coin sized amount onto your palm and massage your wet face and neck with it. Rinse it off and pat dry gently with a towel. Follow with a moisturizer, and use twice a day for best results.
Wear this bag cross-body or on one shoulder. We both know you'd rock both those looks!

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