Plum Avocado Nourish-Up Hair Mask | For Frizz-Free Hair

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  • An avocado hair mask with a super creamy texture
  • Contains argan oil, avocado oil & shea butter that will keep your hair frizz-free
  • Vitamin E that will keep split ends and dryness at bay
  • 100% vegan – good for the planet, and for you
  • Hey, don't throw me away! I'm recyclable!


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Frizzy Hair? Split ends? Dry hair?

If these problems ring a bell to you, then we've got just the right solution for you! The perfect blend of:
Avocado Oil: Deeply nourishes your hair and keeps dryness at bay leading to frizz-free hair!
Argan Oil: Super rich in fatty acids & Vitamin E which helps in retaining moisture and preventing split ends
Shea Butter: Prevents hair breakage and penetrates the hair shaft so your hair gets the nourishment it deserves!

Real hair. Honest solutions. Plum haircare is 7-FREE always!  

  • NO Sulphates - so the cleansing is gentle 
  • NO Silicones - to allow hair to breathe & shine at its natural best
  • NO Alcohol - so there is no drying
  • NO Parabens - we all know why! Carcinogens are a no-no!
  • NO Phthalates - potential reproductive toxins
  • NO Zinc - prolonged use of ZPT can irritate the scalp
  • NO Propylene Glycol - can be harsh to the skin over the long term


Nourishes hair

Retains moisture


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