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Facials have the power to clear clogged pores, take your complexion from dull to glowing and transform majorly dry skin. If you’ve never had a facial and are considering getting one for the first time, Stacy Cox, a veteran esthetician, is here to walk you through the process. Here, she’s answering all of your burning questions about facials, so you’ll know exactly what to expect — which is particularly important now that many cities are loosening COVID-19-related restrictions on facial services.  

How Should You Prepare for a Facial?

“Create a list of products you're currently using on your skin at home, your current skin concerns, any allergies you might have, as well as medications you're taking and go over it with your esthetician before your facial, so you can get the best experience possible,” says Cox. 

Another thing to note is that if you want to focus heavily on pore-cleansing and extractions, Cox says that it’s best to schedule your facial for the end of the day or week so you can have some free time to allow your face to rest. If the facial is in preparation for a big event, schedule the appointment five to seven days before the big day.

Are There Certain Facials That Are Better for Specific Skin Types?

“When I meet with a new client, I have a discussion about their needs and goals so we can figure out the right treatment together,” says Cox. “For the most part, there are two overarching facial treatment categories: spa facials and invasive facials.”

Makeup in Rusty Brown Tones

Some days, you wanna wear three eyeshadows, or maybe even four or five. Or six if you’re feeling extra feisty! Other days, you just wanna wear one, and that’s what happening here in this matte monochromatic makeup look.

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